Automotive design

Automotive design deals with industrial design and it concerns cars planning and development. In general Automotive design regards all public and private means of transport design and development and moreover it deals with sociological concepts, environmental (sustainable mobility), anthropological and of urban mobility.

Automotive means “vehicle able to move by itself” and it is not a synonym for car, but it is often wrongly trivialized in automotive design or car design (Anglo-Saxon misleading term that refers to cars). In Italy it buys an ambiguous meaning, because of the strong tradition of automotive peninsula, influenced not only by the car manufacturers but also from historical and contemporary craft various coachworks. In these coachworks continue, as in the past, the profession of “designer” of coachworks, where the highly communicati Leggi tutto

Ford reignites passion for Fiesta with love the summer vibes campaign

Ford is partnering with IPC Media again this summer to launch a new four-month campaign for Ford Fiesta called “Love the Summer Vibes”.

Ford Fiesta is the quintessential small car for all situations and a vivid expression of all that is inspirational in design today. Following on from last year’s successful campaign – ‘Last of the Summer Vibes’ – the multi- platform media partnership begins on 4 May 2011 and includes two new partners; Global Radio and Spotify.

Mindshare, Ford’s media agency, has developed a partnership with IPC Media, centered on a ‘Love the Summer Vibes’ microsite (live 4 May) with content updated daily by IPC Media’s Marie Claire, In-Style, Look and Now titles. As well as targeting existing Fiesta customers, the ‘Love the Summer Vibes’ campai Leggi tutto